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Conscious Contact MOVEMENT TEACHERS TRAINING 2024 – Algarve, Portugal

12. August 202431. August 2024


Conscious Contact

Algarve, Portugal

with Ulli Wittemann & Team

<<< registration is open! >>>

12 to 31 August 2024

three weeks of focused training in facilitation & space holding

near Faro, Portugal

<<<<<<<<<<   this is only a PREVIEW – YOU WILL FIND MORE INFO HERE IN THE WEEKS TO COME!!!   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



In this training you have the chance to dive really deep into the art & craft of facilitation –
be it Contact Improvisation, Playfight, Yoga or any other movement practice or project management –
you will find qualities and techniques which apply to any group setting.

A deep endeavour and inquiry for yourself and the questions:
What makes a good teacher?
What makes a “good” class?
How do I plan classes and workshops?
What are my individual qualities and talents when it comes to leading and holding a group?
How can I strengthen my skillset to grow into my full potential?
What are suitable ways to advertise my gifts and find clients?
How can I develop “my brand”?

From my background in theater with more than 1.000 performances on big theater and musical stages and 12 years of ongoing study as a freelance teacher and coach I will share all the findings to give you the opportunity to take a massive step forward as a teacher, who is already teaching regularly and wants to improve your performance and expand your set of skills and tools as well as a starting space holder.

We will feed our bodies with a lot of technical tools and tricks, engage our mind longing for a deeper understanding of what we are doing when we are teaching and inhabiting a human body. And yes, we will nourish our soul, craving for an environment of heart-open like-minded humans, where artistic expression is just as important as fresh air, healthy food and sunlight.


Be ready for for finding something new
Within yourself as a human and as a facilitator.
Be ready for a transformative experience in your spaceholding and in your life.
I already feel honoured and excited to be your guide on this journey,
Ulli Wittemann

Here some little “snacks” to feed your curiousity and give you more of an idea of how I see CI
Interview with Ulli about CI

Ulli dancing in Goa 2015

Ulli teaching at the Acroventure 2019 in Croatia


12 to 31 August 2024

Arrival: Saturday or Sunday 10th or 11th of August 2024
Beginning: Monday, 12th in the morning
We will finish on Sunday, 31st at 14:00


A beautiful retreat place with great facilities and a wonderful dancefloor near Faro, Portugal
More information will follow in the end of September 2023


The price consists of two parts  –
1. the contribution for the program with Ulli and
2. the accommodation & food at the retreat center


1. the contribution for the MOVEMENT TEACHERS TRAINING with Ulli
the price is 2.200 € for the first ten tickets, then 2.500 €


2. Accommodation & Food at the place

EZ/Single Room DZ/Double Room Bell Tent with matress own tent/Campervan
21 Nights xyz abc wuc zup

EZ/Einzelzimmer  DZ/ Doppelzimmer
Mithilfe/Helper means you support the place for one hour a day (e.g. in the kitchen)

The prices contain the full program, accommodation, vegan food (three meals per day), water all day long and the use of the swimming pond/pool

We are open for HELPERS

We can offer discounted spots for two helpers at the event –
write us if you are interested in one of these positions.



In the Conscious Contact MOVEMENT TEACHERS TRAINING 2024 we offer 24 spots

Registration/Anmeldung Movement Teachers Training

With the registration you agree to transfer a deposit of 500 €
you can pay the rest by a bank transaction or PayPal until the 1st of June 2024

2. For accommodation and food with the Place
Once you registered with Ulli, you will get a link to book your accommodation & food

If you have to cancel your participation, you have to pay an administration fee of 250 € until the 15th March
From March 16th you have to pay 500 €/we keep your deposit. From June 1st you have to pay the full fee/the Early Bird price of 2.200 €.
If you find a substitute/a person who wants to take your spot, your deposit/payment can be used by this person.


If you are interested in knowing more about this program and want to meet Ulli online,
write to Ulli to schedule a meeting and get the link at: ulliwittemann@gmail.com

Soon you will find a schedule –
the basic structure will be two sessions of 2,5 hours per day plus a possibility to jam and lab in the evening from Monday to Saturday
all in all you will be able to be active and learning for more than 100 hours in the studio




depending on the needs of the group, we will decide what serves us best 😉

If you are curious, write us a mail with your intentions and experience including your full name, address and phone number and your website if you happen to have one.

We are committed to build a strong group of dedicated individuals interested in this research.

Thank you for your interest in our work and giving movement a strong place in your life!

More Information

If you have specific questions just drop us an email at

Ulli Wittemann
my path with Contact Improvisation

CI came into my life when I started studying Acting at the Univesity of Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2001.
We were the first Acting class who got invited to join the CI classes in the Dance Department as a new collaboration at the university.
Lucky us… with a strong background in Ballroom Dance and Martial Arts these classes with Prof. Dieter Heitkamp felt like the missing link in my movement repertoire and gave me a lot to think, feel and question on so many levels… I instantly fell in love with it and to my core I enjoyed the mix of body awareness, acrobatic skills, playfulness, artistic expression, diving into fantasy realms and getting more aware of boundaries and sensual interactions.

Later I found out how influencing and political the research and training actually was to me, e.g. dancing very intimately with another young man rubbing our beards on each other – so simple and mind blowing for me as a young man… or wildly jumping around like squirrels on LSD… it was a total game changer for me.
During the eight years as a professional actor in long term contracts in the German State Theater system CI often felt like a remedy or an oasis of creative freedom and a sacred retreat place with no need for great results.
During this period I attended some of the big international CI festivals and Intensive workshops of well known CI teachers as much as possible. So I went to study and then teach at the big Freiburg Festival for 13 times, went nine times to the magical Ibiza Festival, four times to share some work at the festival in Israel with it’s amazing CI community, taught nine times at the festival in Goa, five times in Koh Phangan, in Bali, Ladoga, Crimea, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Japan and China, at Earthdance and other Dance Hubs and these places often felt like a second home to me… each place and each community gave me more insights about my programming, about how I was taught to see the world and gaining more and more awareness about this fact seems one of the greatest gifts to me. These places would not have had such a strong influence on me if I had not met so many inspiring and lovely humans on the way. Amongst the countless colleagues and dancers who left an imprint in my system, there were a few artists, which left me with significant information in terms of movement and the way to navigate through life. I would call them my masters in CI and often beyond.
My first CI teacher Prof. Dieter Heitkamp, Martin Keogh, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Anjelika Doniy, Ray Chung, Nita Little, Daniel Lepkoff, Arye Burstyn, but also the Finland CI Family, the Ibiza Tribe, the CI Communities in Goa, Koh Phangan and Bali…

It was at the Ibiza Festival in 2010 when I got asked to teach a class for the first time at an international event.
I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a career with would bring me great experiences and teaching gigs in 30 countries until today… I taught classes of 60 students at Dance Academies and Universities in China, groups of psychologists and psycho therapists in China and Japan, young actors at the National School of Drama in New Delhi and the Auroville Theater Company in India, little kids in Tutus and “Golden Agers” in their 70ties, got the honour of a guest professorship at the University of Arts and Science in Sichuan, China and was the main movement teacher at a Drama School in Munich for two years, accompanying the young actors over their full education… recapturing all these places and experiences and sharing them here brings up a lot of wonderful memories.

My resident place and regular teaching is still happening in Munich and I really enjoy contributing to the growth of the local community here. Nowadays I live a bit outside the city so we can easily go and jump into the beautiful river Isar and go into the forest but I still have only a short drive to my classes and workshops in the city. In 2020 I married a Yoga teacher and Cranio Sacral therapist and we have two wonderful little kids. This brings a lot of beauty and depth into my life but also strenghtens the desire to settle and grow roots, but how can I get to meet my international friends so we can keep dancing and growing together with the local dancers?
Creating a one month Intensive program in a comfortable seminar house of a community seems like one attractive way to get together and with the MOVEMENT TEACHERS TRAINING we now have another opportunity to have a good time together. 🙂

Thank you for your curiousity and reading all this!
I really appreciate it.
I appreaciate you.
Big hug,


Wir wollen us austauschen, diskutieren und uns Videos ansehen, ausgiebig im Studio arbeiten und die Natur als Landschaft nutzen, um einzutauchen… uns zu verlieren und etwas Neues zu finden. Gemeinsam.

Sei bereit für eine transformative Erfahrung in deinem Tanzen und in deinem Leben.

Ich fühle mich schon jetzt geehrt und freue mich darauf, Dich auf dieser Reise zu begleiten,

Ulli Wittemann


Mehr Informationen

Wenn du spezielle Fragen hast, schick uns einfach eine E-Mail an:


Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko.
Für Verletzungen oder etwaigem Verlust/Beschädigung meines Eigentums können die Organisatoren und Lehrer keine Verantwortung übernehmen. Mit meiner Anmeldung und Teilnahme stimme ich der voll umfänglichen Selbstverantwortung und dem Haftungsausschluss zu.

Photos & Video:
Mit meiner Anmeldung und Teilnahme gebe ich mein Einverständnis zur Verwendung und Weiterverwertung des im Rahmen der Veranstaltung entstehenden Photo- und Videomaterials für das Bewerben zukünftiger Veranstaltungen. Photos, Videos und Daten werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben. Falls dies für Dich ungünstig ist, schreibe uns bitte oder teile es uns zu Beginn der Veranstaltung mit!



12. August 2024
31. August 2024
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Ulli Wittemann