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Contact Improvisation Mini FESTIVAL in der Nature Community, Schönsee, Germany

10. February 202312. February 2023


Contact Improvisation

mit Ulli Wittemann und der Gruppe des WINTER INTENSIVE 2023

ein Wochenende lang Eintauchen in Contact Improvisation
in der Nature Community, Schönsee

10. bis 12. Februar 2023


Für ein Wochenende öffnen wir die Türen des CI WINTER INTENSIVE für 40 Gäste

Lasst uns tanzen! Miteinander lebendig sein!
Ein ganzes Wochenende lang Eintauchen in Begegnung in Bewegung an einem Ort, der uns alles bietet, was TänzerInnenkörper zum Genießen brauchen – Klassen und Jams in tollen Studios, leckeres Essen, Sauna und Whirlpool, Natur und …
mit großer Sicherheit – Schnee zum draußen Spielen! 🙂

Komm mit und sei dabei, uns lebendig und verbunden zu fühlen in den kältesten Wochen des Jahres!
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Ulli Wittemann mit Gwynn und Franzi von der Nature Community
und den TeilnehmerInnen des Contact Improvisation WINTER INTENSIVES

Hier ein paar Appetithappen…
Interview with Ulli about CI

Ulli dancing in Goa 2015

Ulli teaching at the Acroventure 2019 in Croatia


Freitag, 10.02. um 16:00
bis Sonntag, 12. Februar 16:00


Nature Community,
St.-Hubertus-Weg 1,
92539 Schönsee


Der Preis besteht aus zwei Teilen:

1. der Beitrag für das Festival ist 100 €
bitte bei Ankunft in bar mitbringen

2. Unterkunft und Essen bei der NC
120 € pro Person im Schlafsaal/Dormitory für das ganze Wochenende
150 € pro Person im Mehrbettzimmer für das ganze Wochenende
190 € pro Person im Doppelzimmer für das ganze Wochenende
250 € pro Person im Einzelzimmer für das ganze Wochenende

Die Preise beinhalten das volle Programm, die Übernachtung und drei vegane Mahlzeiten pro Tag, gefiltertes Quellwasser und Tee und die Nutzung des Wellnessbereichs mit Sauna und Whirlpool am Freitagabend und Samstagabend

Wir können zwei ermäßigte Plätze für MusikerInnen und zwei für HelferInnen anbieten-
schreib uns eine Mail, wenn Dich das interessiert
HelferInnen an Gwynn gwynnifer@nature-community.de
MusikerInnen an Ulli ulliwittemann@gmail.com



Durch die Buchung von Unterkunft und Essen bei der Nature Community bist Du automatisch zum Festival angemeldet.
Hier der Buchungslink mit allen Preisekategorien für Übernachtung und Verpflegung:


Die Struktur des Wochenendes wird ungefähr so aussehen 😉



CI Mini Festival in February

From the 10th to the 12th of February we will invite a maximum of 40 additional dancers to join us for a weekend full of classes and jams, Sauna, Snow and community. For the participants of the WINTER INTENSIVE the participation is free of charge.
For the weekend guests the festival fee will only be 100 € plus accommodation & food,
which will range from 120 € in a dorm to 220 € in a single room.
So you can get the whole weekend including everything for as cheap as 220 €.

More Information

If you have specific questions just drop me an email at

Ulli Wittemann – My path with Contact Improvisation

CI came into my life when I started studying Acting at the Univesity of Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2001.
We were the first Acting class who got invited to join the CI classes in the Dance Department as a new collaboration at the university.
Lucky us… with a strong background in Ballroom Dance and Martial Arts these classes with Prof. Dieter Heitkamp felt like the missing link in my movement repertoire and gave me a lot to think, feel and question on so many levels… I instantly fell in love with it and to my core I enjoyed the mix of body awareness, acrobatic skills, playfulness, artistic expression, diving into fantasy realms and getting more aware of boundaries and sensual interactions.

Later I found out how influencing and political the research and training actually was to me, e.g. dancing very intimately with another young man rubbing our beards on each other – so simple and mind blowing for me as a young man… or wildly jumping around like squirrels on LSD… it was a total game changer for me.
During the eight years as a professional actor in long term contracts in the German State Theater system CI often felt like a remedy or an oasis of creative freedom and a sacred retreat place with no need for great results.
During this period I attended some of the big international CI festivals and Intensive workshops of well known CI teachers as much as possible. So I went to study and then teach at the big Freiburg Festival for 13 times, went nine times to the magical Ibiza Festival, four times to share some work at the festival in Israel with it’s amazing CI community, taught nine times at the festival in Goa, five times in Koh Phangan, in Bali, Ladoga, Crimea, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Japan and China, at Earthdance and other Dance Hubs and these places often felt like a second home to me… each place and each community gave me more insights about my programming, about how I was taught to see the world and gaining more and more awareness about this fact seems one of the greatest gifts to me. These places would not have had such a strong influence on me if I had not met so many inspiring and lovely humans on the way. Amongst the countless colleagues and dancers who left an imprint in my system, there were a few artists, which left me with significant information in terms of movement and the way to navigate through life. I would call them my masters in CI and often beyond.
My first CI teacher Prof. Dieter Heitkamp, Martin Keogh, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Anjelika Doniy, Ray Chung, Nita Little, Daniel Lepkoff, Arye Burstyn, but also the Finland CI Family, the Ibiza Tribe, the CI Communities in Goa, Koh Phangan and Bali…

It was at the Ibiza Festival in 2010 when I got asked to teach a class for the first time at an international event.
I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a career with would bring me great experiences and teaching gigs in 30 countries until today… I taught classes of 60 students at Dance Academies and Universities in China, groups of psychologists and psycho therapists in China and Japan, young actors at the National School of Drama in New Delhi and the Auroville Theater Company in India, little kids in Tutus and “Golden Agers” in their 70ties, got the honour of a guest professorship at the University of Arts and Science in Sichuan, China and was the main movement teacher at a Drama School in Munich for two years, accompanying the young actors over their full education… recapturing all these places and experiences and sharing them here brings up a lot of wonderful memories.

My resident place and regular teaching is still happening in Munich and I really enjoy contributing to the growth of the community here. Nowadays I live a bit outside the city so we can easily go and jump into the beautiful river Isar and go into the forest but I still have only a short drive to my classes and workshops in the city. In 2020 I married a Yoga teacher and Cranio Sacral therapist and we have two wonderful little kids. This brings a lot of beauty and depth into my life but also strenghtens the desire to settle and grow roots, but how can I get my international friends over here so we can keep dancing and growing together with the local dancers?
Creating a one month Intensive program in a comfortable seminar house of a community seems like an attractive way to get some great dancers here and have a good time together. 🙂


Thank you for your curiousity and reading all this!
I really appreciate it.
I appreaciate you.
Big hug,


About our hosts – the Nature Community

Who we are 

Surrounded by beautiful nature, hills and forest, near the Czech border, about half  way between Munich and Prague, lies our friendly, welcoming and intentional “Nature  Community”. Founded in 2015, by now some 45 adults and 25 + children explore ways  of living and co-creating their dream of an authentic, peaceful and sustainable culture. We have created a wonderful location for workshops, conventions, festivals and events  that foster socio-cultural consciousness and political change. We love holding a safe  and trustable space for those transformative events. It is our intention for these deeply  human and intimate processes and pioneer work to be embedded in a strong field of  intentional community, beyond our on-site neighborhood. 

What we offer 

To those wanting to take an active part in the process of personal and collective transformational work and the creation of a new culture, who are ready to take both  bold and daring, as well as soft and gentle steps towards a future of trust and  cooperation… 

Workshop and seminar leaders, event organizers, midwives of a new era… You have embarked on a deep inner journey and gained knowledge, healing power and medicine that wants to be shared for the good of the whole. 

Besides being welcomed into our community during your stay with us and beyond, we  offer a beautiful and magical location for the realization of your event. A place for dance and movement, silence and meditation, for rituals and celebrations,  a place where we connect lovingly and mindfully with each other to recognize and  appreciate the beauty and power in us and in nature. 

Here, people can meet and exchange ideas, learn in a concentrated manner or experience new things in a pleasant, lively atmosphere. 

In the course of the past seven years we have built up a large community of organizers  and participants that for their part seem to have declared this place a sort of second  home and have been coming again and again to the inspiring events that have been  taking place and evolving over the time.

What the location offers 

Our guest house offers comfortable accommodation in single, double and dorm  rooms (as well as in two suites if required) 

6 -7 different spaces / studios, ranging from a small meditation chamber to a  large (380 sqm) hall with a beautiful hardwood floor, ideal for large group  dances and jams 

a spacious wellness area (sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool)  and plenty of space for your needs 

comfortable dining room, shared with the community 

We offer purely vegan organic food, lovingly prepared by our kitchen crewa beautiful open view from our restaurant terrace as well as the guest rooms

nature walks in quiet and peaceful surroundings 

Why we want you here this Winter

While summer is brimming with events and activities around the property, come winter we slow down and go inward, integrate, take in stillness, breathe out…Still our  location has a lot to offer and we would love to see it filled with live and open it up to  in-depth explorations and deep community experience also to those who do not constantly live here with us. 

While during summer quick changeover takes place and we have a LOT of coming and  going, winter requires a slower and more grounded pace. That’s why we offered our space to Ulli and this group to go deeper, beyond the diverting festival mode  of summer and experience the juiciness of extended co-creation and collaboration on  their journey of growth and transformation. 

We are so happy to host this month-long intensive with Ulli that aligns with our dream of creating “the more beautiful world  that our hearts know is possible” as Charles Eisenstein so beautifully put it.


What´s next 

If you have any questions regarding the community or practical aspects of staying here with us, get in touch  

via email: gwynn-parkinson@nature-community.de 

or phone/whatsapp/telegram +49 1774817946 

We look forward to hearing from you !!

Gwynn and Franziska for the Community



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  DEUTSCHE ÜBERSETZUNG  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mini CI Winterfestival im Februar

Vom 10. bis 12. Februar laden wir maximal 40 weitere Tänzerinnen und Tänzer ein, um mit uns ein Wochenende voller Workshops und Jams, Sauna, Schnee und Gemeinschaft zu erleben. Für die Teilnehmer des WINTER INTENSIVE ist die Teilnahme kostenlos.

Für die Wochenendgäste beträgt die Festivalgebühr nur 100 € zuzüglich Unterkunft und Verpflegung –

die Preise dafür liegen zwischen 120 € in einem Schlafsaal und 220 € in einem Einzelzimmer.

Du kannst also das ganze Wochenende mit allem drum und dran für nur 220 € bekommen.


Buche deinen Platz hier


Mehr Informationen

Wenn du spezielle Fragen hast, schick uns einfach eine E-Mail an:



10. February 2023
12. February 2023
Event Category:


Ulli Wittemann
Nature Community


St. Hubertus 1
Schönsee, 92539
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